Monday, 17 March 2014

Blog neglect and Em Con woes

I have been (and probably will be) neglecting my blog over the past and next few days due to the amount of deadlines I have coming up. I have about 10 for my work placement and 2 big deadlines for university - work overload!!! Needless to say I'm very stressed.

Em Con was a disaster. I queued for nearly 4 hours. In the sun it was boiling hot. It the shade it was freezing cold. The stewards kept lying about how long the queue was (turned out thousands of people were queuing) and how long the wait would be. Apparently they sold far more tickets than the venue's capacity so it was a one-in-one-out operation. We were often stood without moving at all for over half an hour. It was just so poorly organised. I felt pretty ill considering I hadn't eaten since 10am and didn't get into the convention until 3.30pm, and had been on my feet all day, battling the elements (thank God it didn't rain!!)

There was talk of people without tickets being let in before people with tickets which if it was true (and it appeared to be) is absolutely ridiculous.

I was immensely disappointed because one of the main reasons I went was for the Game of Thrones Q&A panel which I missed the majority of. When we got into the room where all the guests were it was so packed I could barely see them, and probably missed most of them, being crushed by the crowd as we all tried to move around. You were literally touching people from all sides and were sometimes unable to move for 10 minutes at a time. The majority of the event was cramped into a tiny room with all the guests and merch sellers. A lot of the merch and handmade items looked really cool but by the time I'd got into the convention I already felt so sick and tired it was no longer enjoyable, plus most of the tables were inaccessible due to the crowds. I got quite close to Gethin Anthony and Kristian Nairn nearly knocked me out when he stopped for a selfie with a fan and nearly hit me in the face (totally by accident of course!) but I really couldn't see any point pursuing them by this point in the day.

They've moved the venue to the Capital FM Arena next year so I guess that's something. Hopefully it'll be better then...


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    Ashleigh x

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