Friday, 7 March 2014

A blogging bonanza

Basically I decided to give beauty blogging a real go. I haven't officially started yet but I've set one up on Wordpress and even though I think Wordpress is harder to use than Blogger and you don't get to experiment much with themes etc without paying, the overall look is more professional.

I don't really know how it well it will go to be honest, I don't have a great quality camera or anything so it's hardly going to jump out at people but hey ho.

If anybody is interested in hearing about my PR placement I've set up a blog about that It's mainly to stop me from ranting on here and also so I can keep track of how many hours I'm doing.

I'm currently debating what film to watch tonight. I'm tempted to watch Wake Wood as my obsession with Aidan Gillen does not seem to be waning anytime soon.

P.S. You have all been graced with a profile picture (lucky you!!)

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